Tank Trouble

Tank Trouble is a tank battle game that takes place in a top-down maze. The bullets you shoot are not like your normal tank, and bounce off walls like balls. These physics are essential to defeat your opponent. Local and online multiplayer is possible and also singleplayer against. Laika.

How to play Tank Trouble

Tank Trouble controls are not easy to master. The game is relatively simple once you are used to it. The arrow keys enable players to move. Once you’ve mastered it, you will be more agile and be able to move faster to outsmart your adversaries.

To play with your friend in a local multiplayer mode, share the keyboard.


Tank Trouble 2 comes with an initial weapon, but there are a variety of options. As you traverse the maze with your small warmachine, you’ll be able to discover new weapons and power-ups.

What other weapons can you expect to discover? A Gatling gun can shoot many bouncing shots. It’s not predictable and could blow up in your face.

You can also make use of a high-power laser to eliminate everything that is in its path.

Expect to find homing and frag missiles along with RC and shotguns, as well as a death ray and RC missiles. This is a weapon of great power that can be fired in just two seconds.


Certain cosmetic items can be customized to fit your tank, and you may be rewarded for achieving a milestone. Log in to view a variety of cosmetic items that you can use to style your tank. These items can be bought at the shop with dimitrium which is an in-game currency.

More Tank Games

For more tank warfare, you can check out our tank game. You can play Tank Trouble 2 Super Tanks or Block Tanks, both with the same gameplay.


  • These battles are simple but they are addictive and fun

  • Local and online multiplayer mode that can accommodate up to 3 players

  • Reward for certain achievements

  • Play single-player against Laika, an extremely skilled bot

Release Date

Mai 2015


Subterranean Software developed Tank Trouble.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


You can control the tank by using the keyboard

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