TapTap Shots

It’s an thrilling and energetic basketball game. When the timer is over try to get your ball into the net as fast as you can. Score as many points as you can before... PLAY GAME

Ski Rush Game

Ski Rush is a HTML5 game. Ski down the mountain, trying to avoid obstacles. You must collect flags to boost your score! PLAY GAME

Guess the Kitty

Click on the correct Kitty answer If you don’t, ……. your cat will be punished. Guess the Kitty is an enjoyable, sadistic game of trivia. You can discover all 10 endings by moving... PLAY GAME

Olaf Jumper

Olaf the Jumper Olaf the Jumper, an HTML5 Skill Game is back with a new and more challenging adventure. You’ll need to cross volcanoes and glaciers. The smaller the platforms the more points... PLAY GAME

Yacht Dice Game

Yacht Dice Game is a HTML5 Board Game. Score as many points as you can by rolling five dices and finding the most effective combinations. PLAY GAME

Adventures of Flig

Fun airhockey for two players, with shooting and multiplayer! The Adventures of Flig is an air hockey, running and maze story. PLAY GAME

Heart Box

Professor Rat loves solving physics-related puzzles as well as games with robots. Robby was designed by Rat, however he left him without enough battery. Robby must always recharge his battery to continue doing... PLAY GAME