Airport Clash 3D

Airport Clash 3D is an episode of the Clash 3D shooter series. It features Subway Clash Remastered, Sniper Clash 3D and Subway Clash Remastered. The Mini-weapon you have can be used to aid your raider buddies destroy enemy bases!

In this battle royale game you must aim to kill and try to kill as many players as possible. The game takes place on an abandoned airfield that is in the middle of a World War. You can use planes as cover to fight the enemy.

Choose from a variety different characters such as a decoy sporting a minigun. The gun is able to fire unlimited ammunition, and you can unleash the wrath of God with a constant stream of bullets. This multiplayer game is similar to rocket collision, and is one of the most popular.

Note that you can also use different movements, such as rotating knives, as opposed to shooting enemies with your weapons. Keep moving, cover your eyes, and do as little damage as you can. This game is similar to Farm Clash 3D but the map is a completely different setting.

There are many achievements and items that can be unlocked, in addition to the normal gameplay. When they kill more enemies players are able to unlock golden weapon appearances. You can also unlock new heads for your characters. This brings a Halloween-themed element to the game.

A leaderboard allows players to keep track of their kills and scores. As they progress players will be able to develop three abilities in October. Health, gun damage and gun accuracy. This improves their game as well as their survival.

Airport Clash 3D is now available!

Release Date

October 2019


Freeway Interactive developed the game.


Internet Browser. An Android version is also available.

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