Poop Clicker

Poop clicker is an experimental game in Iogamers. In this game, your mission is to convert the poop to electricity by capturing as much as possible poop. To keep the world powered you must start with a small amount poop production. As you progress, you should grow your production to create more poop. This can be done by purchasing upgrades. These upgrades are fram, toilet and factory. They also include earth, cow, and city.

In this game, there are some achievements , such as the poop millionaire, poop bank, poop universe, running off stinky riches Poop Lord, poop world and even clicking some poops.

How to Play Poop Clicker

In Poop Clicker, you can make use of your mouse game controls. It’s the same as the game controls. To begin generating the poop, you must click on the poop.

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