Short Life 2

GameTornado’s Short Life 2 is a bloody, brutal ragdoll game. This is the sequel to the Short Live game. The game lets players control their character as they navigate an array of dangerous obstacles to avoid a painful, terrifying death.

How to Play

Through 20 levels, you can control your ragdoll like a puppeteer. You must be able to react quickly and keep your eyes open for danger.

Deadly Obstacles

Short Life 2 offers many ways to end your life. You can end your life by hitting your face with spikes or grenades, or by being crushed with a big fist. Every level offers a different way to be destroyed.

This is not the goal of the game. It is important to be vigilant when playing with your ragdoll so that you don’t fall into the most dangerous traps.

Reward Program

Your performance is what earns you stars. Your rating is reduced if are injured. To get 3 stars, you must finish the level in a correct manner.

Small stars can be also found in difficult-to-access areas on each level. These stars can be taken to unlock new characters.

More Ragdoll Games

Short Life 2 is a bloody platformer that incorporates elements of Ragdoll Physics. The most well-known Ragdoll games can be fun and frustrating. They are challenging to master since they do not always react in the way you would expect. These are only some of the many games that use the ragdoll Physics.

Mutilate a Doll: Take on a virtual toy. This is a basic game where you are able to take on the ragdoll with different weapons to ease stress.

Happy Wheels allows you to control several characters on various levels. Extreme ragdoll physics!

Deul is a fast-drawing shooting game that makes full use of Ragdoll Physics for your entertainment.


  • There’s plenty of gore and dismemberment

  • There are many hurdles to conquer, and many creative ways to accomplish this

  • Unlockable characters

  • Master 20 of the most dangerous levels

Gaming Tips

  • To avoid unexpected surprises, be aware

  • To unlock more characters To unlock more characters, collect stars

  • Timing of jump and crouch should be accurate

Release Date

April 2020


GameTornado has created Short Life 2.


Web browser


  • Use the AD or the left and right arrow keys to move

  • Stand up or jump by dragging your arrow upwards

  • Down Arrow or S to crouch

  • R to start

  • Click the Space Bar to confirm (after you’ve finished the game).

Video Tour

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