Short Life

Short Life is an original platform game using physics. You control a ragdoll and you have to guide her through 16 levels. These levels can be deadly and bloody. Each level is designed to ensure the ragdoll is safe and earns 3 stars.

When playing this game, you must be aware of deadly traps. For example, in the first stage, our hero must beware of a spike-covered arm moving. Also pipes shoot arrows at him. Follow the directions on the game and be careful when moving.

As your character progresses through the levels, you’ll face new obstacles and traps like rolling barrels and explosions in mines.

Be aware of all the obstacles you may encounter in each level. Avoid contact with spikes and jump over mines to avoid falling into other traps. The traps can cause a devastating injuries to your character. For instance, mines can tear the bones off your character. This game is very challenging and requires quick reflexes and timing.

UPDATE: Short Life 2 has been added by the iogamers! This is another fantastic GameTornado game!

Release Date

  • October 2017 (Android)

  • December 2017 (Online).


GameTornado created the Short Life.


  • Beware of the traps

  • To avoid traps you can jump run or crouch and then press the button.

  • Unlockable heroes

  • More than 15 levels

  • Fullscreen mode available

  • Video advertisements aren’t allowed.


  • Browser for desktop

  • Android app

  • Steam


  • Use the arrow keys left and right to move

  • Stand up or jump by dragging your arrow upwards

  • Drop the Arrow to crouch.

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