Vex 5

Vex5 is the latest in the hardcore platformer series. The levels are more difficult, and the gameplay is less lenient. You have to sprint, jump over and slide under obstacles be careful not to get killed by traps, and avoid falling to death. You are the main character, represented by the animated stickman. It is your job to ensure that he overcomes all obstacles and completes each level.

Certain games that require platforming can be extremely difficult due to their heavy controls. Vex 5 is a different game. Vex 5 is a ferocious and brutal game that leaves no room for error. You could die at any point but you’ll begin again from the last checkpoint. It is impossible to fail since the controls are precise and smooth.

Vex 5’s traps form an integral part of the gameplay mechanics. The stages are filled with buzz-saws and spikes that disappearing platforms, disappearing platforms, and other contraptions you need to stay clear of. You can also learn advanced techniques like wall-jumping to improve your abilities.

Playing a Vex5 video game can let you relax and relax from the daily grind. It’s free and plays across all modern browsers. Is it possible to overcome every obstacle and complete every level in the shortest amount of time? It’s time to find out!

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