Fireboy and Watergirl 5 Elements

Fireboy 5: Elements, a 2-player game in which you control either Fireboy or Watergirl is a standard game. Both characters have to collaborate to solve puzzles and conquer obstacles on every level. The characters explore temples, such as the temples of ice, wind and fire. For the entire series look up our Fireboy or Watergirl games!

Fireboy, Watergirl 5

Common Gameplay

Fireboy and Watergirl 5 Elements are based on a collaborative gameplay. It is more beneficial to pay with a partner rather than on your own. Instead of competing against each other it is a team effort to solve problems. You can play with ease on the same device due to the controls. You can play Solo by playing two characters at the same time.


Each region has its own set of challenges you have to overcome. The first district is the forest temple. To find colored diamonds and get to the final doors you’ll require both characters. Each field has its own unique style. For instance, the light temple has stunning glowing colors.

New Content

The fifth episode of Fireboy/Watergirl includes a variety of brand new temples that blend elements from the previous game. There are a variety of new and exciting temples that have all-fire and water temples. This gives players to lead the process of the deconstruction of each temple. The puzzles are themed and there are a variety of puzzles to keep you occupied.

Game Tips

Beware of traps, buttons, and levers.

You can go back to the beginning of the game if you play the game at a steady speed.

Look at your actions and the persona you portray.

Collaboration is the key to success. It is impossible to finish an entire level without Watergirl and Fireboy.


Oslo albet created Fireboy 5: Elements.

Release Date

January 2019,

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