was before known as It’s a multiplayer survival game. It starts out as a little fly, and the more you consume the more you progress up. As you advance more players are part of your diet. Each level has the ability to develop a new skill and more food items to take in. It’s easy to choose to fly or die! how to play

Avoid eating animals and other things. Avoid animals with red stripes, they’ll eat you! You will be fighting for survival against hundreds upon thousands of other players. Keep moving and eating! You’ll also need to be aware of your water levels.

Special capabilities

As the game progresses, each animal will have its own special abilities. This ability can be utilized to help speed up the game. You’ll have a “chance to begin” in the beginning if you start as a fly. This gives you a 50% chance of avoiding the hunter’s attack. You can leverage your special abilities to your advantage.

Game Levels

Evoworld offers 45 species of animals and 8 stages of evolution. It starts as a fly and then work your way through the animal kingdom. His goal is to hunt.

Biomes at

There are many biome. Each one offers a different view. There are many different species of prey, so don’t be afraid to look around the map and look around to see what’s there.

About the Developer

Pixel Voices, developer founded in 2004, has developed EvoWorld. Other games that are popular with Pixel Voices include Dec. and it’s located.


Do not stay for too long in one location.

Utilize your unique capabilities to your advantage

To avoid defeat, you must get to the clouds

Find a place to hide and drink plenty of water

Consume as much prey as possible!


With 45 different animal species

Fly deep or into space to evolve

There are a variety of biomes to choose from

. io multiplayer game

Release Date

April 2018

Web browser (desktop or mobile). We also have an Android version.


How many evolutions are there in evoworld

You can grow through eight stages and 45 animals.

Video Walkthrough

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