Krunker (.io) is an exciting first-person shooter game, is now available. This game allows players to plunge into a pixelated world and battle other players across the globe. This game can be played on a leisurely basis or with other Krunker fans. Gaming is an action game that is fast-paced and chaotic. The most important assets you have are reaction speed and precision, which reminds you of classic FPS games like Counter-Strike. You can move quickly to avoid being shot at and you can aim your shots sharply to eliminate your enemy with pinpoint precision. You can choose to dive into a game right away or select a custom game mode from a server menu.


Before you start fighting, select from 11 classes. Each class has its own unique style and its own uniform. Each type has its own primary and secondary weapon. The triggerman can carry either an assault rifle or pistol, for instance. You can choose which class is best for you, or all of them.


In addition to the numerous classes, there is numerous incredible weapons available in this game. You can pick from deadly weapons like an assault rifle or shotgun, sniper rifle, or revolver, as well as akimbo-uzis. Certain weapons are balanced, while others possess a dominant strength. For example the sniper rifle is a weapon with the most firing power and scope that allows for quickly eliminating enemies, however it has to be precise in its aim to be effective.

Maps has a large selection of maps made by game designers and fans. You can submit your own maps and you’ll be able to pick from. These maps will awe you with their originality. You can choose from any terrain that you like, including lava rock and ancient Aztec pyramids.

In the social section, players can track their scores. This includes leaderboards, stats and more. This leaderboard allows you to see if your FPS gaming skills are sufficient to help you get an entry point.

Release Date

Krunker first came out in June of 2018. It is regularly updated with new content.


  • 11 classes to suit your style of play

  • Clear, simple aesthetics ensure clear visibility

  • Stays true to the roots of FPS gaming

  • Many custom maps and servers

  • Action packed with skill, but fast-paced


Krunker is a game that runs on browsers. It was originally developed for computers, but is currently available on mobile devices like iOS and Android. The game will also be available on Steam since February 2021. You may also like Krunker, one of our .io games. They include Shell Shockers and many other shooters that are fast-paced, such as Shell Shockers .


Krunker was invented by Sidney de Vries. He has also previously created MooMoo.

Gaming Tips

  • You have the option to test a variety of guns until you find one that is the best for you.

  • To find out whether there is a hostile presence, take a look around and sweep the areas often.

  • Practice! This is the only way to improve your FPS gaming abilities.

  • Click Join to join a Krunker Game. Enter the URL or code.

  • There is merchandise for gamers who are hardcore in the game .


What’s is a fast-paced, first-person shooter, is pixelated and fast. The game in the browser lets players play in an unreal world where they battle other players across the world.

Can I play in Fullscreen?

By pressing and holding down the fullscreen icon, Krunker can be played fullscreen. You will find the fullscreen icon in the lower right corner.

How can I join an Krunker Server.

On the main screen, click “Server browser”. It will open a list of servers, sorted according to their place of operation. To minimize latency, it’s recommended to select servers that are close to your area.

Who is the creator of

Krunker was invented by Sidney de Vries. He has also previously created MooMoo.

Is now available for download?

Krunker can be played in the web browser. This means that you don’t need to download Krunker to play it, but you can still play it with a browser like Chrome or Firefox.


  • Use the WASD keys to move.

  • Click left for

  • R to reload

  • C to aim/zoom

  • Jump using Space Bar

  • Shift to crouche

  • Spray paint

Video Walkthrough

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