Tetris is an old-fashioned game of puzzles. It was the first game that matched tiles on the market. Free Tetris is an exact recreation of the original Tetris. It retains the addictive gameplay and easy rules. To destroy rows you must match the pieces in the correct order. As you advance, the speed of this game increases!

Tips for Tetris

Free Tetris can be a difficult game. Are you looking to learn to perform better? These are some tips that will assist you in improving your game.

Tip #1: Visualize the rotations. Rotating blocks, which you may already know, is an important part of the game. It helps you see the place each block will go.

Tip #2 Make sure your feet are flat. Horizontal rows increase the chance of putting pieces in the correct place and destroying rows. It is not advisable to stack blocks higher then two pieces and create holes that are more than two blocks deep. Only one piece of material can fill in a gap bigger than two blocks.

Tip #3 – Look ahead. Free Tetris will inform you which piece is located in the upper right. Once you’re comfortable playing, you are able to think about what you’ll do when you drop it.

Tip #4 Remember to think fast. Free Tetris will require quick thinking, even though it may not always result in the best decisions. As you remove more lines, the game becomes faster.

Learn more about Tetris

Free Tetris is extremely similar to the original Tetris game. You can play faster by increasing your lines and getting a better score. It is easier to identify and differentiate between pieces using color blocks. This makes it easier for you to anticipate and recognize blocks.

The Tetris Legacy

Tetris was invented by Alexey Pajitnov, a Russian software engineer. It was the first game that matched tiles available on the market, and it influenced the development of newer genres like Tetris influenced other genres likebubble shooters. It was later deemed to be one of the most significant early video games. The original game is a landmark in gaming history despite the numerous variations that have come from it.

Tetris has been the subject of scientific research. This research has had a profound impact on cognitive psychology as well as computation theory. To describe the visual phenomenon that may occur when you play too many videogames or games, the term “Tetris Effect” is employed.


Web browser (originally Flash but now HTML5)


Use Arrow keys to rotate blocks.

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