Build Royale

Build Royale (.io), is an online game in which battle royale is the dominant game. In a massive gunfight you’ll be battling other players. The aim is to win. You’ll require only the pickaxe to mine materials. They can be used to construct walls that are protected.

Build Royale is fast-paced and requires you to think fast. The playing area shrinks continuously which is why it’s essential to keep moving. To ensure your safety you should look for better weapons. Have enjoyable.

Release Date

In September of 2018, Build Royale was released.


Mathew Mathew Matakovic founded


  • Multiplayer battle royale, with an in-game building mechanic

  • View a huge map

  • Beautiful 2D images in the perspective of a top-down

  • You can also cover yourself in a building

  • There are a myriad of scattered guns all over the map

  • Playable in fullscreen


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)

  • Android

  • iOS


How to play Build Royale

  • Click here to go to the ioGamers website and choose Builder Royale.

  • Select Solo or Duo mode.

  • Pay pay attention to the controls.

  • Get started!

How do I get to

To move around the arena you can use WASD.

Who invented HTML0? Build royale?

Mathew Matew Matakovic has created Build royale.


  • WASD is used to control the movement

  • To shoot, press the left mouse button

  • Use the right mouse button to alter or aim material

  • Tab to open‘s inventory

  • M to open the Map

  • Jump with the Space Bar

  • Sprint to sprint

  • Q to enter the building mode

  • R to load

Video Walkthrough

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