Uno Online

Uno Online lets you play the well-known Uno card games online. Similar to other Crazy Eights-style card games, the purpose of Uno Online is to be the very first person to complete the game without a single card. You can play Uno online with up to four players.

How To Play Uno Online At Uno

There are many strategies that you can apply to increase your chances of winning. The idea behind winning is to eliminate all your cards before anyone else. Match the color or number of the card in front of you to achieve this. If you do not have a card that you can play You must draw cards from the deck until you can draw.

You must press the “1” button when you have only one card left, or else you’ll be punished with two penalty cards!

Action cards

Action cards add an October level of strategy to Uno. There are five types of action cards found in an Uno deck. These:

The next player in line misses their turn.

Reverse-reverses the direction of the game.

Draw two- The next player draws two cards, and the round is over.

Wild card allows the player the option of choosing which color play.

Draw four-declare the color and force the player following to draw four cards.

Games Similar to Uno Online Published

since its launch, different versions of Uno and brand-new card games have been released. Phase 10 is another Mattel card game. You can also play online against other players!

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Uno Uno

Merle Robbins was the creator of the card game in 1971. He sold the rights of the game to Mattel for $50,000 in 1992.

It has been a well-known card throughout the years. games. There are a variety of themed variations of the game, inspired by everything from movies to football, some with different rules and some with special cards.


Uno was created by Merle Robbins and is currently owned by Mattel.


Web browser

Publication History

Uno was created in 1971. Uno Online was launched in 2009. The game was updated in October 2020. It allows real-time multiplayer games and real people from all across the world!

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