Bob The Robber

Bob the Robber lets you play Bob a criminal. You can steal from the rich and give to the needy with your lock-picking and burglary skills. You can sneak through every level, collecting loot while avoiding detection

How to Play

You can sneakily make it through every level without worrying anyone. If you’re in serious danger stay calm and keep your guard down. You’ll find hidden treasures and locked doors during your robbery adventure. There will also be aggressive guards. If you are found guilty by them, you will be ejected out of the game.

You can hit guards however only when it is necessary. Disarm lasers to ward off detection, break doors’ locks and then rob as much as you can. You are the modern Robin Hood.

This is only one of many games.

Check out our platformer game for more cooperative and stealthy puzzles. Watergirl and Fireboy are excellent choices. Vex 3 is another great alternative. To play the next game in the Bob the Robber Series, play Bob the Robber 2.

Release Date

This Flash version was released in the month of October in 2011. It was originally released as an Flash game. Since October 2018 the HTML5 version is available.


Funtomic invented Bob the Robber.


Web browser


  • Play with WASD or the Arrow keys

  • Guard attack using Space Bar

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