is an that involves building a village, collecting resources, and many other activities. To gather stones and wood, you must smash rocks or trees. These resources can be used to build walls or windmills. Walls can protect your markings and windmills protect your resources. Windmills are able to earn points over time. You can also visit fruit trees to replenish your HP. Like all games, the goal is to collect resources to increase your level. The process of leveling up can help you improve your character. Be aware of other players, since they could be hostile. Have fun.

UPDATE: was created by the same developer.


Sidney de Vries created this game by Sidney de Vries.

Release Date

March 2017,


  • A unique concept that combines resource collection and building

  • Wild animals

  • Characters that can be upgraded with higher quality items

  • Parties


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)

  • Android


  • Use WASD and Arrow keys to move

  • Use key combinations 1-9 or the left click to find an building or item

  • Click and drag left to grab resources or hit other players

  • E to activate auto attack

  • Q to quick select food

  • To lock rotation, press X

  • R to Ping ‘s minimap

  • C to add an indication of the map

  • Chat with

Video Walkthrough

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