Stickman Ghost Online

Stickman is an extremely basic, yet thrilling game. Jump and attack are the only options available to you. Be assured that even these controls can take a while to master. Because time is scarce Your ninja will always move forward. The player must leap over obstacles to eliminate enemies. Simple, right? No! Each attempt will bring about an entirely new level, with more challenging barriers and competition. Every step is a step closer. If a player can be able to time his attacks correctly it will be possible to throw and reflect shurikens in the direction of him to make it easier.

Stickman Rusher online Beauty in the details

Running is not the only option. You can also collect white orbs if your weapon isn’t sufficient. They’re like money in the world. These can be used to purchase powerful weapons. However, it won’t enhance your ability to double-jump or jump. There will always be risk. Keving Gaming has something to keep it interesting.

Enjoy the thrill and speed of a Ninja by playing stickman rusher today. can conquer everything along the way to glory. Besiege the Aku.

Video Walkthrough

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