Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash Online, a side-scrolling platformer that can be played in conjunction with music beats, is free. You must be able to jump between and under obstacles in order to keep the music moving. It’s back to where you started should you make a mistake!

How to Play

Geometry Dash Online allows the square to move on its own. Click to jump whenever you need to and then use the up/down buttons for steering vehicles. You’ll find that the way you dodge obstacles is in tune to the beat. Have fun and turn on your music!

As you progress through the levels, you’ll find sections with cool new songs as well as colors or capabilities. These sections require your full attention. It’s an amazing musical adventure!

Geometry Dash History

The developer claims that Geometry Dash was created without having a clear idea. It could have gone in any direction. It began as a prototype, with the cube that could crash or jump.

The original launch of the game was Geometry Jump, which only had seven levels. It was later renamed Geometry Dash. There are currently four free versions of Geometry Dash. One of them is “Geometry dash Lite,” which includes 13 levels of the full game.


It has received favorable reviews from critics. Softpedia gave the game a positive review, stating that “While it can be difficult at times, you can still complete the levels using the practice mode before you begin to play any of the many user-generated levels. ”

Gaming Tips

It is important to keep your movements in tune with music. Be calm. You will be more relaxed and enjoy playing If you don’t stress yourself out. Keep practicing! You’ll be able to master the subtle movements needed to move further. Learn from other players and share your achievements.


  • There are many levels of difficulty that can be challenging, from difficult to nearly impossible

  • The game is easy to grasp due to its simple controls

  • Amazing music that will keep you listening to

  • Enjoy the game!


Geometry Dash is available on all platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, and web.


RobTop Games created the game for mobile, but later porting it to PC as Geometry dash Online.

Griffpatch created this Scratch version.


SPACE/UP Arrow = Jump HOLD DOWN SPACE/UP Arrow = Multi-jump up Arrow is to steer the vehicle upwards. DOWN Arrow = Steer the car downwards. You will need to restart if you touch any spikes!

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